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Our Product Listings

Check out an array of quality hard to find products.


This multi-purpose product can be used for anything you can think of, from personal hygine to tire repair.

The Curlie Cue

Twist and fold this to achieve the best angle you need, to fit every angle.

Crew Ties

The best ties you can ever find in the market, streches and twists. Comes in a variety of colors.

Goo Gum

The multi-purpose adhesive, sticks to all types surfaces. Environmentally safe. Comes in a variety of colors and scents.

Stira Bolt

Bolt that you can twist and stretch to fit.

Zitta Cups

Enviromentally safe paper cup. Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

BEE Gone

Krapa Shoot

Store your knick knocks. Fit's under the bed. Comes in 5 different sizes.

Zing Ga

Most effective bug repelant, take it everywhere with you to keep bugs away.

Pic Pocket

Unique case to hold all your family pictures.